Five Alabama Spas Named in Top 100 USA Spas for 2022

The Spa at the Grand, Shoals, Ross Bridge, Montgomery, Grand National named Top 100 in USA

America’s passion for spa and wellness travel surged in 2022, with consumers seeking out new and exciting spa and wellness experiences across the country. Spas of America, the largest spa and wellness travel website, has announced its Top 100 USA Spas of 2022. The annual award provides insight into consumers’ favorite spa and wellness experiences of the year. Rankings are determined by unique page views from spa and wellness travel consumers who visit Spas of America throughout the year. A total of 30 states and the District of Columbia are represented in this year’s Top 100 USA Spas. California had the most with 21 spas, followed by Florida with 10 and New York with 8. To view of the full list of all Top 100 USA Spas for 2022, Click Here .

Five of the Top 100 USA Spas for 2022 were in Alabama on the RTJ Spa Trail and are owned by the Retirement Systems of Alabama and managed by PCH Hotels & Resorts: The Spa at the Grand, The Spa at Grand National, The Spa at Ross Bridge, The Spa at the Shoals, & The Spa at Montgomery.

The Spa at the Grand, one of the RTJ Spa Locations, Ranking in the Top 100 USA Spas of 2022

“This was a healthy year for the North American spa and wellness industry, with many resort and hotel spas reporting increased bookings,” says Spas of America president Craig Oliver. “We see the trends of 2022 carrying over into 2023 with people taking longer trips, going on more of them, and spending more to take them. Wellness is an integral part of people’s lives, and wellness tourism is predicted to grow an average of 21 percent annually through 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute.”

The RTJ Spa Trail has six spas across Alabama. “We are truly honored to have 5 of the 6 RTJ Spas represented as the best in the USA! All of our spas along the RTJ Spa Trail offer world-class experiences at a time when health and wellness is a priority for many” says Taylor Fields, Corporate Director of Spa, Wellness, & Retail for PCH Hotels & Resorts. “Our spas provide a unique experience and exude hospitality from the heart and soul.” The other location on the RTJ Spa Trail that continues to deliver unique experiences and wellness memberships in an urban setting is located at the Renaissance Mobile Battle House & Spa.