RTJ Spa Trail Introduces Innovative RTJ Golf Recovery Massage

Revolutionizing Relaxation for Golf Enthusiasts

The RTJ Spa Trail, a prestigious collection of spas strategically located along the renowned RTJ Golf Trail in the state of Alabama, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest wellness innovation – the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage. This groundbreaking massage experience is designed to integrate the love of golf into a therapeutic and rejuvenating session, where the golf ball takes center stage in providing relief and recovery from the strains of a day on the golf course.

At the heart of the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage is a patented approach that harnesses the power of a golf ball to target sore muscles with precision. This unique treatment is specifically crafted to address common issues that can hinder golf enthusiasts from fully enjoying their favorite sport, including golfers/tennis elbow, neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. The massage goes beyond traditional techniques, offering a deep and targeted approach to alleviate nagging conditions associated with an active lifestyle.

“We are excited to introduce the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage as a fusion of two passions – golf and wellness. Golfers often experience muscle tension and discomfort, and this specialized massage is designed to provide effective relief and enhance their overall experience on the course,” said Taylor Fields, Corporate Director of Spa & Wellness at the RTJ Spa Trail.

During the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage, experienced therapists skillfully use golf balls to apply pressure in a way that promotes relaxation and recovery. The treatment offers golf enthusiasts and those with active lifestyles a therapeutic and innovative perspective on the potential benefits of a golf ball. Clients will leave with their very own Golf Ball Massage self-care tool, ensuring they can continue to experience relief and recovery in the comfort of their homes.

“This massage is not just about relaxation; it’s about enhancing performance and promoting overall well-being. We believe that the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage will become a sought-after experience for golf enthusiasts and individuals with athletic lifestyles,” added Taylor Fields with the RTJ Spa Trail.

The RTJ Golf Recovery Massage is suitable for both avid golfers and individuals with active lifestyles seeking targeted relief and recovery. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, this innovative spa experience promises to elevate your well-being and redefine the way you approach self-care. To book the RTJ Golf Recovery Massage or for more information about the RTJ Spa Trail, please visit www.rtjspatrail.com .

About RTJ Spa Trail

First came great golf in 1992. Next, luxury 4 diamond hotels were added. Now the latest hospitality advances in Alabama come from six world-class spas and the creation of the Spa Trail on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

“From traditional warm stone massages to red carpet ready facials, the RTJ Spa Trail features six spas across Alabama offering innovative treatments in exquisite settings,” said Taylor Fields, Corporate Director of Spa for the RTJ Resort Collection. “From therapeutic massages to pampering treatments, the Spa Trail is ideal for individual golfers, couples traveling together or for groups of friends coming to play golf in Alabama.”   The spas are located in Marriott, Autograph, and Renaissance Hotels along the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail: Point ClearMobileMontgomeryHooverFlorence and Opelika.

“With nearly 80,000 square feet of space collectively, the Spa Trail locations feature 49 treatment rooms offering relaxing and rejuvenating experiences for our guests,” said Fields. “From the shores of Mobile Bay to the edge of the Tennessee River, the Spa Trail features some of the country’s best spas. The Spa Trail features the two main attributes of the renowned RTJ Golf Trail: quality and value,” he said. “The combination of great golf, hotels and spas is appealing to both leisure travelers and business meeting groups.”

As part of the Spa Trail, an annual RTJ Spa Trail Card offers discounts on spa services, hotel rooms, dining and retail shopping. A complimentary glass of wine and various perks such as hotel accommodation and food & beverage discounts are additional values offered to Spa Trail Card members. The RTJ Spa Trail Card can be purchased for $50 with benefits all year long in any of the six spas. “Guests having spa treatments at each of the Spa Trail’s locations will earn a free treatment of their choice at any of the spas,” said Fields. The Spa Trail cards are sold at the individual spas and are good for the entire calendar year,” he said.