Innovative Treatment Table Experience

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Adjustable Body Comfort Technology

The Spa at the Battle House, Montgomery and Ross Bridge feature cutting-edge “Adjustable Body Comfort” treatment table technology providing superior relaxation in luxurious settings.

The RTJ Spa Trail locations at Battle House, Montgomery, and Ross Bridge feature innovative spa treatment tables that revolutionize comfort during your spa treatment! These spa locations feature USA made Oakworks award-winning spa treatment tables providing custom support regardless of body shape or size.

“The patented technology referred to as ABC: Adjustable Body Comfort, allows the spa treatment table contour to adjust, providing the perfect level of support, taking pressure off of your chest and tension out of the back area during your spa treatment” said Taylor Fields, Corporate Director of Spa for the RTJ Resort Collection. “When indulging in a spa session at these locations, as you rotate to laying on your back, the innovative technology design will raise, providing superior head and neck support for pectoral muscle stretching”.

The revolutionary ABC system allows your spa therapist to offer deeper work on the back areas, increases the range of motion, and optimizes the stretching of the neck and head areas during treatment. Experience this superior comfort technology with any massage or body treatment at these RTJ Spa Trail locations!