Reality Star Heather Thomson Hosts Wellness Retreats on the RTJ Spa Trail in Alabama

Heather Thomson reignites Heather Thomson Travel, Retreats & Adventures

Fairhope, Alabama April 6-8 —Last month, Heather Thomson, Co-founder of Beyond Fresh nutritional supplements, Wellness Coach, TV Personality, Inventor, and creator of Heather Thomson Travel, hosted a women’s wellness retreat called “The Rock Shop” at the historic Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa

Heather is a dynamic wellness brand with a growing range of products and services for the global wellness community. Heather Thomson Travel has built a fantastic following, her work as an integrative health coach, and her Beyond Fresh nutritional supplements, help folks to look and feel their best. Thomson’s experience as a successful business woman and her approachability as an adored TV personality make her the perfect retreat host. Heather chose The Grand Hotel Golf Resort and Spa for its 20,000 sq. ft. European-inspired wellness facility, with a multitude of modalities, amenities, unique bourbon spa treatments, beaches, walking and biking trails.

Voted the top-rated spa within the prestigious Autograph Spa Collection, The Grand Hotel is one of six spas on The RTJ Spa Trail of Alabama, concurrent with The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Heather will be offering her retreats on the RTJ Spa Trail through 2023. The state-of-the-art spas and gorgeous properties are the perfect backdrop for her intimate wellness retreats.        

 “Many clients of the Retreats continue to return each year to experience guidance opportunities from Heather and her team of experts from fitness and nutrition, to self-care and personal growth.” said Remembrance Staber, Fitness Instructor at Heather Thomson Travel.

Thomson uses her experience as an CEO, entrepreneur, health coach, high-elevation adventurer and celebrity to build retreats to support clients to overcome life obstacles, meet goals and inspire personal growth. 

Heather Thomson Retreats fall under 3 branded categories: Fresh Freedom, Pure Freedom and Dirty Freedom, customized through goals, expert guests and location. Heather has also created synergistic partnerships with well-known brands, (LAGOS jewelry, Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats, Revo eyewear) and work-shop partners, like best-selling authors Seth Eliott Santoro and Dan Buettner, and various retail partners, to give guests the ultimate retreat experience. Since the pandemic, Heather has received numerous requests for guidance and support relating to physical and mental health driving her to reignite her wellness travel business as soon as she could.

Heather Thomson has built a trusted brand with her Beyond Fresh nutritional supplements to support people’s journey into health and wellness, fitness, positive food-choices and overall-well-being through positive experiences and focused work, to create sustainable change, growth and a sense of freedom from barriers we all can break through. Heather is creating a wellness community that will support you at every stage of the journey.

“Heather’s Rock Shop retreat plus the combination of her Beyond Fresh Nutritional supplements was exactly what I needed, it’s amazing what 3 days can do when mixed with good diet, exercise, and reflection.” said G. Capes, guest of the Wellness Retreat Hosted at The Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa.

Upcoming Retreats & Product launches: Heather Thomson’s Retreats are offered quarterly and the next Freedom retreat will be Oct. 2022 at the Auburn Marriott Opelika Resort and Spa at Grand National. Heather Thomson Adventure Travel spans the globe and offers challenging experiences twice a year.