Grand Hotel Resort Shopping

The Grand shopping experience is as luxurious and varied as staying here – with boutique finds to explore, pro shop items to ponder, and wonderful ways to take home the calm from our spa. Whether on vacation or visiting for the day, our shops offer a delightful way to indulge your good taste and take home a special piece of the Grand.

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Oak & Azalea

Oak & Azalea is a treasure all its own – that fabulously-inspired boutique that’s filled with a carefully-chosen selection of creations from local artisans including Susan Alsup, Lyn Gordon, and Grace Forster to name a few, as well as local authors Daryl Haskew and Augusta Kantra. In a well-curated environment where shopping is pure pleasure, true fashion finds mix with colorful odes to the coast, while everything from cookbooks to beachy-chic accessories arrives tastefully around the next corner. Splurge on a plush Grand Hotel monogrammed robe or other cozy and luxurious apparel options from Barefoot Dreams and Tasc Performance. With fresh flowers a staple and bits of history to surprise, Oak & Azalea expresses our elegant Southern lifestyle in a sophisticated and timeless way, delivering a thoughtful, well-edited, and incomparable experience.  Located in the Historic Main Building.