Ross Bridge Freedom Retreat 

October 26-29, 2023 

This Pure Freedom Retreat will help promote true growth, conscious living and positive change that will inspire new possibilities for a better world.

The intention of Freedom is a deeply empowering inner and outer journey leading to renewal and transformation, accessing a place of immense clarity and wisdom. It includes innovative and powerful practices that will support our truths while empowering your true being, clearing away emotional and mental clutter and opening to love, light, and access to a joyful and peaceful life.

Access a place of clarity and wisdom. Participate in ceremonies, workshops, fitness practices, and journeys together rooted in our connection to nature and in a community of like-minded folks ready to source joy and to live freely.

Experience the allure of Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa in the beautiful, rolling hills of Birmingham, AL. on the world renowned Robert Trent Jones Golf and Spa Trail. This secluded quiet property is a recreation paradise with tons of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the serenity and beauty of mother-nature, allowing time for inner reflection and connecting with the voice within.

From hikes observing wildlife to powerful practices that support a new vision for your life this Freedom Retreat has it all with peace and relaxation as the ultimate goal—combined with clean nutrition, spa time, outdoor activity, and fitness, meditation time and hiking—transport to the misty moors of Scotland because next up; the highlands are up next’) I’ll see you at Ross Bridge! Oct. 26th -29th, 2023. Find your Freedom.